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About errors that form can not be sent from some models

An error has occurred that some form of model can not use the inquiry form of the official page.
Sorry to trouble you, but if you can not use the form, please contact us by e-mail to "".
※ Please set so that mail of "@" domain can be sent and received.

Our support team generally responds to inquiries within 5 business days (not including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
If you do not receive a response in 5 business days, check to make sure there are no spelling errors in your return address, and make sure the email hasn't been sent to your spam folder, and then try re-sending the message.
In the event that support becomes unavailable or may take longer than 5 business days due to an earthquake, natural disaster, etc., it will be announced on the official Lifewonders Twitter account (@4jhapp_lw).

Please be aware that there may be instances when you cannot receive our emails.

Due to Microsoft's filter settings, we may not be able to send emails to Microsoft Hotmail or Live Mail return addresses.
In addition, mobile email carriers (,,, etc.) often filter and reject emails sent from computers as spam.
In such cases, even when we send a reply, the user's device settings may reject the message before it can be received.
To ensure receipt, change your filter settings using the information below, or add the domain to your whitelist to receive our replies.
You may also try a different email server, such as Gmail.

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