Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (housamo)

You can choose your gender! A mobile game app for iOS & Android.

My screen freezes while playing the game.


Please try the following steps, in order.

(1) Ensure you have a stable connection.

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners requires regular connection to the internet or to a data network throughout gameplay.
Consistent unstable connection speeds or playing out of signal range may make the game temporarily unplayable.
Stabilizing your connection may fix the issue.

(2) Restart the application.

Close the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners app and then re-open it.

For iOS: Click the home button once to return to the home screen, twice to display the app switcher and then swipe a tab up to force it to close.
Afterwards, return to the title screen by tapping the app's icon on the home screen.

For Android: The steps to end a task differ based on OS version.
Please look up the method for your particular OS.

(3) Restart your device.

Close all applications and perform a reset, then re-open the application.

(4) Check the free space available on your device.

You may not have enough space to save files necessary for the game.
Clear up some storage space on your device, and try opening the app again.

(5) Clear the cache.

The cache data may be corrupted.
From the title screen, re-download the game data after clearing your cache.
*Files are large. Downloading over Wi-Fi is recommended.

(6) Repair the game data.

Game data saved or added to the app may have been corrupted.
Follow the steps below to perform a Data Reset.

Choose Transfer Data from the Options menu, and write down the ID and password displayed (ID and password only valid for 24 hours).
Close and delete the application.
Re-install the application from the app store and open it.
From the Account Transfer option on the title screen, perform a data transfer/recovery.

*Files are large. Downloading over Wi-Fi is recommended.
If this method fails, please use the form below to submit a detailed report.


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