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Regarding the English name of Horkeu Kamui (ホロケウカムイ)


As we have received many inquiries about the English name of Horkeu Kamui, we are putting our answer in the FAQ.

In regards to the spelling of his name Horkeu Kamui, it is written with reference to the
Ainu Shinyoshu by Yukie Chiri, compiled by Kunihiko Kitamichi.
However, in the most recent edition of the same volume, the name is written as Horkew Kamuy.

Japanese texts regarding the Ainu language, including this one, released after a certain time appear to have been corrected in accordance with today's more common orthography.
For instance, the second sound in the dipthong of the final syllable has been changed to reflect the following:
(According to our development team's research, the change had already occurred by the 1999 publication)

eu→ew (ex. horkeu→horkew)
ui→uy (ex. kamui→kamuy)

Due to these changes, a discrepancy has occurred among research materials.
As the character Horkeu Kamui is meant to be an old-fashioned warrior, we adopted the older version of the spelling to fit with his character.


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