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Replies regarding individual permissions for derivative works, goods, etc.


"Several of us plan to release a fan work (fan goods, etc.) based on the game. Is this allowed by the guidlines?"
"I'm planning to create such and such a spinoff. Please check that there are no issues."
"I work for a company called ________, but I would like to release a fan work on my own. Is this allowed?"
"Is this in violation of the ________ section of the guidelines?"

Replies to the previous 4 questions are the same.
Please refer to the copyright guidelines made public on our company's official website.


Individual actions, as mentioned in the guidelines, are defined as actions taken by any individual or corporation that are not intended for profit.
As long as it falls under this description and follows all guidelines, a fan work is not in violation, be it made by an individual or a group.
As referenced in the guidelines, our guidelines make no distinctions as to free vs. charged fan works.

When for-profit corporations or members of one-man businesses distribute under an individual's name, it is still not in conflict with these guidelines so long as the action is entirely individual.
However, if our company determines that it appears the for-profit company or one-man business has taken part in the production, a warning will be given.

If no improvement is noticable, we may take appropriate action, including legal action.
In the event only some of the derivative works do not follow the copyright guidelines, we will judge published materials on a case-by-case basis.
As such, we regret that we cannot provide advance permission or judgement regarding specific cases.

In addition, we will also not answer individual requests for permission for creative works already published.
We appreciate your understanding.


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