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About errors that form can not be sent from some models

An error has occurred that some form of model can not use the inquiry form of the official page.
Sorry to trouble you, but if you can not use the form, please contact us by e-mail to "".
※ Please set so that mail of "@" domain can be sent and received.

FAQ [gameplay issues]

I haven't received the items I traded in my event items for.

Items received by trading in event items will either be received automatically or sent to your message box.

Items without a number limit will be received automatically.
(e.g: coins, Lil' Salomon tickets, stamina drinks, etc., as well as Breakthrough items such as aether spell tokens, preliminary shot crests, owner's medallions, etc.)
The number of items held can be checked by selecting Item in the Options menu.

Items with a number limit will be sent to your message box.
(e.g: card upgrade items such as G Fire Boost and card skill upgrade items such as Slash Soul L)
Please check your message box to obtain these items.

The extra effects of my charge skills aren't working!

"Extra effects will not activate upon Overkill (attacking an opponent whose HP is already at zero).
Effects will only activate when the enemy you are attacking has at least 1 HP."

An icon in the quest battle screen is whited out.

The icon image may not have been loaded correctly on your device, or the image may be damaged.
In these cases, pre-downloading the game data from the Options screen after clearing your cache from the title screen may solve the issue.

My screen freezes while playing the game.

Please try the following steps, in order.

(1) Ensure you have a stable connection.

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners requires regular connection to the internet or to a data network throughout gameplay.
Consistent unstable connection speeds or playing out of signal range may make the game temporarily unplayable.
Stabilizing your connection may fix the issue.

(2) Restart the application.

Close the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners app and then re-open it.

For iOS: Click the home button once to return to the home screen, twice to display the app switcher and then swipe a tab up to force it to close.
Afterwards, return to the title screen by tapping the app's icon on the home screen.

For Android: The steps to end a task differ based on OS version.
Please look up the method for your particular OS.

(3) Restart your device.

Close all applications and perform a reset, then re-open the application.

(4) Check the free space available on your device.

You may not have enough space to save files necessary for the game.
Clear up some storage space on your device, and try opening the app again.

(5) Clear the cache.

The cache data may be corrupted.
From the title screen, re-download the game data after clearing your cache.
*Files are large. Downloading over Wi-Fi is recommended.

(6) Repair the game data.

Game data saved or added to the app may have been corrupted.
Follow the steps below to perform a Data Reset.

Choose Transfer Data from the Options menu, and write down the ID and password displayed (ID and password only valid for 24 hours).
Close and delete the application.
Re-install the application from the app store and open it.
From the Account Transfer option on the title screen, perform a data transfer/recovery.

*Files are large. Downloading over Wi-Fi is recommended.
If this method fails, please use the form below to submit a detailed report.

How do login bonuses work? I've logged in multiple days in a row, but have been reverted to the day 1 bonus.

In AS (Housamo), there are both consecutive and total login bonuses.

The total login bonus gives you a bonus item based on the total number of days you have logged into the game.
A set amount of Transient Stones will be received upon reaching milestones such as Days 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.

The consecutive login bonus gives you a bonus item on each consecutive day you log in to the game, for up to 7 days.
Day 1: Coins x 100, Ally Points x 200
Day 2: Coins x 200, Transient Stone x 1
Day 3: Coins x 300, Ally Points x 800
Day 4: Coins x 400, Transient Stones x 2
Day 5: Coins x 500, Ally Points x 1000
Day 6: Coins x 600, Transient Stones x 2
Day 7: Coins x 700, Lil' Salomon Ticket x 1
After 7 days, the login count will restart from day 1, even if you have logged in for more than 7 days consecutively.

When my unit attacks, the other enemies surrounding the target show an increase in CP. Is this a bug?

There are skills (e.g. Sacrifice) that increase the CP of surrounding units when a unit takes damage.
In such cases, attacking a target has a chance of increasing the CP of the other enemies surrounding it.

I haven't reached my max number of friends, but I still can't add new friends.

If the person you are trying to add has reached their max number of friends, you cannot add them, even if you have not reached your max.
This includes when a player reaches their max after sending or being sent a request.

Does the order of cards in a team change the effectiveness of their Skills?

That's right!
The activation timing of Skills and Charge Skills (CS) depends on the order of cards in the team.

Thunderbird’s skill “Lightning Dasher” is a representative one, This skill’s effectiveness will change greatly depending on whether it is placed in front of the team or in the later.
About this skill, if you put it in front of your team, you can grant the critical effectiveness for your party members before attacking, but if you put it in later, Your party members will not be able to grant this effectiveness.

Some Skills are more effective with the unit at the front of the team, while other Skills work better from the back (other configurations are scheduled to appear, as well).
Think carefully about how best to arrange your team to make the most of your unit’s Skills and Charge Skills.

Form for inquiries regarding [gameplay issues]

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Under original settings, mobile email carriers (,,, etc.) often filter and reject emails sent from computers as spam.
In such cases, even when we send a reply, the user's device settings may reject the message before it can be received.
To ensure receipt, change your filter settings using the information below, or add the domain to your whitelist to receive our replies.

↑Please re-enter the same email address to confirm.

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