Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (housamo)

You can choose your gender! A mobile game app for iOS & Android.

About errors that form can not be sent from some models

An error has occurred that some form of model can not use the inquiry form of the official page.
Sorry to trouble you, but if you can not use the form, please contact us by e-mail to "".
※ Please set so that mail of "@" domain can be sent and received.

FAQ about[data retrieval/transfer]

I don't remember my detail informations

Fill out as much information as you remember.
If we can determine which account is yours, we will issue you a transfer code (transfer number/recovery code), so please fill in as much as you can.

If you cannot remember, or incorrectly enter important information such as your name in-game, we may not be able to recover your account.
Please fill in your details with the exact spelling and capitalization used in-game, where possible.
Even providing a few possibilities, or noting that you don't remember, can help our support team find your account!

What do I do if my transfer code has expired?

If your transfer code has expired, fill out the following form with the expired transfer code and your user ID.
We will extend the validity period of your transfer code and get back to you.

Even if you have forgotten your transfer code, if you have created one, please use the following form.
If we are able to find your account and confirm that it is yours, we can issue you a new transfer code.

Can I transfer my game data to either iOS or Android?

Yes! All items, incuding purchased Transient Stones, are transferrable.

Form for inquiries regarding [data retrieval/transfer]

*Fill in as much information as you remember.

    ◆App Title*
    Tokyo Afterschool Summoners


    ◆”Reply to” email address*


    Under original settings, mobile email carriers (,,, etc.) often filter and reject emails sent from computers as spam.
    In such cases, even when we send a reply, the user's device settings may reject the message before it can be received.
    To ensure receipt, change your filter settings using the information below, or add the domain to your whitelist to receive our replies.

    ↑Please re-enter the same email address to confirm.

    ◆User ID

    ◆Player Name used within the game (The name you set at the beginning. It can be changed from the Options screen)

    ◆Surname used within the game (Can be set from the Options screen)

    ◆Nickname used within the game (Can be set from the Options screen)

    ◆Gender within the game:

    ◆Most recently selected appearance (1: young male, 2: female, 3: robust male, 4: nice-looking guy, 5: chubby guy)

    ◆Most recently used voice (1-5)

    ◆Most recent player rank

    ◆Date you downloaded the app(year/month/day)

    ◆Device on which you played the game*

    ◆Operating system on which you played the game*

    ◆How did you connect to the game?

    ◆Last day you played the game

    ◆Name of the last quest you played

    ◆Cards you owned (list every card you can remember)

    ◆Cards in your most recent team

    ◆Quest progression (how far you had gotten in the main quest, etc.)

    ◆How did you lose the data?*

    ◆Have you ever purchased items in-game?*
    (If no, a period of 2 days to 2 weeks may be required to confirm your identity)

    ◆Image of receipt email (attach jpg file)

    If any of the following symbols are in the file name, we may be unable to view it:
    \ / :;* ? "" < > | _ .[ ] , ="

    ◆If you cannot send an image, please write the order number and number of items purchased, as well as the date and time of purchase.

    ◆If you have ever been issued a transfer code, please write it here (expired transfer codes are OK).

    ◆Issue details*

    "No confirmation screen will appear, so please double-check all information before sending.
    Fields marked with * are required.
    After receiving an inquiry, it may take time for us to look up your play data.
    Your patience is appreciated.


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